Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Flaky Sea Salt

I love Chocolate Chip cookies!… and if you try this recipe, I know you will love it too. I made these a few times over the holidays and each time it was a hit.  This recipe is actually the same as the one I used to make another cookie I posted about a few months back with brown butter, dried cherries, roasted almonds, and white chocolate. (You can see that recipe here.) The only difference is an addition of cinnamon and my Homemade Vanilla Sea Salt instead of coarse sea salt on top.

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Photoshoot Fun w/ my Brother + Baking for the Holidays

So, I’m not one to be fond of taking pictures. If you look through my cell phone there are tons of photos of food, my family, screenshots of inspiration from the web, and a bunch of randomness. Hardly any are of me. I can recall numerous times where I’ve offered to take the picture of a group to avoid being in it or hiding somewhere in the back. I don’t know why… However, with my short stint of pursing acting as a teen, I have taken professional photo a number of times for my headshots and I wasn’t as shy.
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Brown Butter Cookies with Dried Cherries, Roasted Almonds and White Chocolate

I made it just in time for National Cookie Day! … although, many of you are probably reading this after December 4.  I had this on my list anyway, so I figured why not push it out early.

I can’t get enough of these cookies. The dried cherries, roasted (unsalted) almonds, and white chocolate really balance out nicely.  It’s crunchy on the outside, a little soft… these don’t last long in my house.  When I made it for the family recently, everyone ate it so fast. No leftovers what so ever. I guess they didn’t like it very much. =) Continue reading