Yasmin, The Instructor + Happiness

is my third class, can you believe it? Sometimes, I am overwhelmed as I think of the people who have supported me since I started this journey last year. I want to give a special shout out to my BFF Tashawna, who referred me to her boss for this event, and for thinking of any reason to get cookies from me to spread the word.  Friends like that don’t come often, and I’m happy to have had her in my life for the last 13 years.

Who knew that a painting I did almost 10 years ago, would be apart of a class taught by myself? Although I loved painting, I had no idea where to start and just painted random things. This particular painting took me a long time to get right, too. I painted over and over again, changing the shapes of the butterfly and petals, and blending the colors until they were nicely shaded.

Since I’ve been instructing these classes, I found that not only do I enjoy teaching art to people, but I enjoy seeing others create and pleased with what they’ve achieved. Some people have never taken any art class or done anything creatively in a long time, and were apprehensive about what their outcome will be.  As the class goes on, I see faces of confusion and frustration (at times), turn into expressions of accomplishment and happiness. This makes me happy!


See pictures from the event below.  Tell me, what brings you happiness? I’d love to know.

Cheers to celebrating creativity and spreading joy!

Peace and Love!



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