My Vision Board + The Meaning Behind It

Recently, I went to a lovely  birthday celebration where we had an opportunity to create vision boards. I had no idea beforehand that this would be one of the activities. For the past month I planned to do a vision board, but I kept getting side-tracked with other things. So, I was pretty excited!

At first I didn’t know where to start, however, I’d been writing down somethings I want to accomplish this year.  So, I used that as a blueprint to create my vision board. 

Although I had done a vision board before, I had no idea what I wanted it to look like. So, with my unofficial goals in mind, I began flipping through the magazines for anything that spoke to me.

This year, I want to focus on many things however they all stem from the use of creativity, believing in myself, and taking the necessary steps to create the life I want to live.

Everyday, I look at these images and I’m really proud of it!  When I look at them, I see Blooming August all over it, without the words actually saying it.  The different flowers represent part of my logo and brand I’m working on, the rolls of thread are there as fillers but also represent a form of creativity – used to hold fabric together when creating a garment.

The blue sunset is very similar to a painting I did last year and happens to say “The power of She.” I don’t remember what this statement had to do with the ad or article it was a part of, but I took it as an oade to the power I hold within myself and as a woman. The path is actually works of art that were on a wall shot through a perspective view.  Each picture is different but is apart of the same path.

I came across a video of Steve Harvey a while back about pursuing your dreams.  He said, “If you don’t jump, you will never soar.” You can watch the video here.  This short video really hit home for me and I took his advice. The word “Jump” is reminder of his wisdom.

Then there are other words and phrases – to achieve my goals I will need to get out of my comfort zone and show the world what I do…It will not be easy, it will be an adventure that will lead me to a life of entrepreneurship that I desire…So I’m living my life with intention because it’s my turn to shine. I can have what I really want… (zoom in on the picture to see it up close).

These are images and words connected to what I desire.  When I read my vision board, I am embedding the thoughts I mentioned above into to my subconscious mind that will lead me to have actions toward your goals without really thinking about it. It will become apart of my daily habits.

In addition to this vision board, I’ve created what I call a Vision Bucket List to keep me on track.  Everything that I want to do this year, I wrote on paper and put a date by it.

Everything!… from little stuff like contacting Nikon to get missing pieces for my camera, when I want to order business cards, to what books I want to read, etc.  It is a long list but at least I know all that I want to do this year and I have something to keep me focused.  Sort of like an itinerary, but for the whole year.

Many people have great ideas or things they want to do but never act on it. Here, I’m writing it down so that I don’t forget it, and can decide later if it’s something I am really interested in. It’s okay if the date changes or end up crossing something off the list. At least I have a guideline and I’m able to look back to see what all I’ve accomplished.

Here’s one I did in 2014:

It looks a little bit of a mess, but I couldn’t find the file where I typed up all my notes. So, here is the unedited version. Some things I did not accomplish, however, I did most of it.  One thing that helped me and still do today, is painting. I hadn’t painted in a long while but I knew it was something I wanted to bring back into my life. I didn’t have any inspiration to paint on my own, so I planned to attend local painting classes. 

After about 3 classes, I didn’t need it anymore and began painting on my own. Now look how far I’ve come.  One thing is for sure, I was on a journey to do what makes me happy long before Blooming August came to mind. I’m glad I planted that seed. I wonder where I will be two years from now? 

Maybe I’ll do a mid year check in to let you know how it’s going, if you’re interested.

How do you get ready for the new year? What are some things you want to do this year? How are you going to achieve them? Comment below.

Peace and Love!


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