Homemade Extract: Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon + Tahitian Vanilla Brandy

I love Vanilla!  Vanilla candles, Vanilla room sprays, Vanilla cake, Vanilla ice cream… The smell and taste of it just makes me happy; and as much as I like to bake, none of the flavors really savor my palette quite like Vanilla does.  Some people think it’s kind of boring, however, it’s the most popular flavor worldwide and is used to enhance other flavors – especially in chocolate.  How’s that for boring?!

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Goodbye, Los Angeles!

Yes, you read it correctly!  It may not be as surprising to some, but to those who know me personally, know that this is BIG!  This is also the main reason why I’ve taken a break from posting (although I’ve remained active on Instagram – follow me @HelloBloomingAugust if you’re not already).  I also took this time to prepare and schedule a number of posts to get ahead, so be sure to keep me on your radar for more.  It takes a lot of time and preparation for a post so I’m doing my due diligence to have a few weeks of material done ahead of time. Someone once told me “organization + preparation = success” and I agree. Continue reading