My First Book!


A few weeks ago I wrote about the inspiration behind one of my paintings, Serene Beauty  and mentioned the first book I created about elephants in elementary school.  As I looked through the book, it made me laugh. The way I wrote, the pictures I drew, and how it is presented. I can see some of my present self as a six year old. 


I’m sure I had help from my teacher or one of parents… I can’t recall.  My handwriting is nice and neat, with very little spelling errors.  I care about my writing style the same way now and found only one word that I misspelled (If you see it, leave me the number “27” in the comment section).  Haha! I thought I was a great writer until college where my professor marked every single error in my assignments.  I was determined to see less of those red pen marks on my papers and worked hard to improve… it worked.


This same drawing is done three other times the same way. I have no idea why its legs are in the air. Haha!  Why is the grass in the sky??? It must have been placed upside down.


Yea, I just kind of scribbled with the man.  Drawing and painting people are still the most difficult for me to do.


Overall, it’s nice and still in good shape, considering the book is now almost 30 years old. I would say that I deserved a high grade on this as well.  Although, I wish I had included more variety in the artwork, but hey, I got my point across.  Reading this book has brought back so many memories from elementary school – it was a great time for me.

Do you have any childhood memorabilia around that relates to what you like now?

How do you feel about the idea of childhood talents and desires correlating to your desires as an adult?

For me, I believe there is a connection. There’s something about my childhood that I find myself wanting to go back to. I didn’t think of art as a peaceful activity then as I do now, however, I certainly found it to be enjoyable.

Also, I read an article recently that explained how we are the most creative as a child.  As we enter school, we use less creativity over time – learning to conform to the world.  (I don’t remember the exact article I read, but HERE is one I found with a quick Google search.)  I thought it was interesting.  Maybe I’ll delve into a conversation of conformity and creativity another day.

Anyway, I’m glad I found art again… or should I say, I’m glad I let my art “breathe” again.

Peace and Love,


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  1. vthomas4kids says:

    I find that reading or seeing something you’ve done as a child can help you find your future aspirations, or validate that you are doing exactly what you always wanted.
    I remember ice skating every Saturday, the joy it brought me, and yet I haven’t skated in 20 years. I’m going to make a point to go.
    As I look back on what brought me joy and my career now, I see it, and I know what I’m supposed to do, what feeds my soul, and I’m close😄

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