Homemade Extract: Orange Bourbon


As we gear up for the holiday season, I am excited to start writing out my list of baked goods.  Carrot, German Chocolate, and Red Velvet are usually requested by my family, but I’m ready for it all… and now is the best time to prepare.  One of the items I like to incorporate into my baked goods is a homemade extract, which takes at least 4-6 weeks before it’s ready.

Homemade extracts enhance the flavor of your baked goods much better than store bought (in my opinion since I don’t add water), and it’s easy to make.  As a heads up, I’m preparing a post for Homemade Vanilla Extracts, so make sure to come back soon. But today, I’m talking about Orange Bourbon Extract.

It works lovely in cakes and I’ve also used it in Chicken Stir Fry.   There are so many uses for this extract and it only has two ingredients – Bourbon and Orange rinds.


You can use any orange of choice, however, I used Cara Cara Oranges as I find it to be sweeter than Navel. It’s also seasonal, so whenever I find it at the grocery store, I’m willing to pay the extra costs.   Clean it really good with a Fruit and Vegetable wash (or a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water) and slice up your orange for a quick snack. I used 3-4 slices, although, depending on the size of your jar, you may want to use more. Remove the meat and as much of the white flesh as possible.


Once you’ve enjoyed your snack, place the rinds in your jar and fit in as many as you can. Then pour the Bourbon over it and fill to the top. Make sure the lid is on tight and you’re done!

Store the extract in a cool, dark place.


The hardest part of it all, is not using the extract right away. Ahhh!  I tell you, my patience will try me but I guess I can gather up some recipes on different ways to use the extract, in the meantime. I’ll share it with you later.

Peace and Love!


UPDATE – 10/30


It’s been a month since I made this extract, and it’s ready for use.  Whoop Whoop!

I removed the orange peels and kept the extract in the same jar, then returned it to a cool, dark place (or refrigerator).

What will you use it for? Comment below.

Homemade Extract: Orange Bourbon

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Credit: BloomingAugust.com

Orange Bourbon Extract


  • Orange peels (rind)
  • Bourbon
  • glass jar with a tight-fitted lid


  1. Slice oranges and remove the rinds.
  2. Cut rinds into smaller pieces if desired.
  3. Stuff the rinds in the jar and pour Bourbon until full.
  4. Seal jar tightly.
  5. Store in a cool, dark place.
  6. Every couple of days, gently shake the jar to mix all the juices.
  7. After 4-6 weeks, remove the rinds and return the jar to storage.  It is now ready for use.


6 thoughts on “Homemade Extract: Orange Bourbon

  1. Cecelia Bennett says:

    Bourbon…hmmm, Yas, I’ve never purchased liquor. Don’t laugh, but does the liquor go away the same as in cooking with it? I’m going to do some homework, and research this. You make me wonder, is this the way they make the food extracts that we use in our recipes? Something new to think about.

    • Yasmin says:

      Hi Auntie! When the Bourbon is heated, the alcohol content is burned off leaving the flavor. I often buy the Nielsen Massey brand and Bourbon is used. Most of the extracts are made with some type of alcohol along with water, although it is not always required. Next time you are at the grocery store, take a look at the ingredients to confirm. 🙂


  2. LaTonya Young says:

    This looks delicious…Have you baked anything with this extract? I’d love to make this…a pound cake maybe?
    And what’s your recipe for the vanilla extract?

    • Yasmin says:

      It is delicious in Pound Cake and paired with Vanilla. I actually have a Vanilla Extract post scheduled for Thursday using fresh Vanilla Beans and Bourbon and another popular brown colored alcohol. Please let me know when you try it and how you like it.

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